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Welcome to the DeKalb County United Academy! As a parent considering our soccer program, we understand that you likely have many questions. Our FAQ section aims to address common inquiries and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for your child's soccer development.

  • Is DKCU Academy a full-year program?
    We are a full-year program, with competitive seasons in the fall and the spring. We also have a winter training program that takes place between the fall and spring seasons. High School players are the only exception to this since they play club soccer with DKCU in whichever season is opposite their High School season. For example, HS girls play for their HS team in the spring and play for DKCU Academy in the fall, whereas HS boys play for their HS team in the fall and play for DKCU Academy in the spring. Both boys and girls HS players participate in the DKCU Academy winter program.
  • Are players required to play the full year?
    With the exception of High School players, as previously mentioned, all players are required to play in both the fall and spring seasons. participation in the winter program, although highly encouraged, is optional at this point. This allows players to participate in winter sports easily such as basketball and wrestling.
  • Where do you play your games?
    Each season has 8 regular season games. So in the fall we play 8 games, and in the spring we play 8 games. Four of those games are home games that are played in either Sycamore or DeKalb. The four away games can be played anywhere within about an hour drive of the DeKalb Sycamore area. Most of our away games are played east of our area. Most teams also compete in tournaments a few times a year and these are also typically played within about an hour drive of the DeKalb Sycamore area.
  • What days and time are practices?
    We create the training schedules for all teams a few weeks prior to the start of training. We take into account the availability of our coaches, fields, and location constraints before we derive a final master training schedule for all teams. For this reason, we are not able to communicate any information about what nights or times a specific team will be training until the master schedule is complete. Once the master schedule is complete, it gets published for all Academy families to see and the training details are entered into the SportsEngine app. Please refer to our Annual Timeline for a general idea of when the master training schedules will be released.
  • Can players participate in more than one sport?
    Players are allowed to participate in another sport while playing for DKCU Academy at this time. The player is required to find a balance between the two sports. Accommodations for missed practice time due to participation in other activities will typically not be made and playing time may be affected for older players.
  • Is there a cost to tryout?
    There is no cost to tryout
  • Does my son or daughter need soccer experience to tryout?
    Unless your player is trying out for our youngest age, U7 or U8, your player should have some playing experience before attending a DKCU Academy tryout.
  • What are tryouts like?
    Tryouts typically happen once a year and are a time for new players to show us their skill level and for existing players to show us how they have developed throughout the year. Players are divided up according to gender and age and participate in technical, small-sided, and game-like activities over the course of an hour or two. All DKCU Academy players must register and tryout every year. All new players interested in playing for DKCU Academy must register and participate in a tryout to be considered. We select players based on their potential and their ability to contribute to the DKCU Academy's competitive travel soccer team for their age and gender. Some DKCU Academy teams compete at higher levels than others. Not all players will be selected for a roster. Rosters decision and offer letters will go out approximately one week following tryouts.
  • What if my player is not able to attend the tryout?
    Every effort should be made to attend the tryout since it typically only happens once a year. If you are interested in joining the Academy for the first time and are not able to attend the tryout, please send an email to and we can explore a potential accommodation, however this is unlikely. If you are an existing Academy player, please inform you current coach.
  • When are tryouts for High School boys
    Tryouts for High School boys are typically held in November following the end of the HS boys season.
  • Do Uniforms need to be purchased every year?
    Our premium Adidas uniform kit has a two-year cycle, meaning a player's main uniform kit items (tops, shorts, socks) only needs to be purchased every two years. Any item can be purchased at any time when needing a replacement, an extra item, or a larger size. We also offer a large assortment of optional items such as logo bags, warm up jackets, pants, sweatshirts, hats, etc.
  • What tournaments do you play in?
    We compete in a variety of tournaments and showcases. These are typically local club-organized tournaments, regional and state competitions such as, Illinois Cup, State Cup, and Presidents Cup. There is also a potential for an out of state tournament, which would occur in the summer. Participation in out of state tournaments is optional and extra fees may apply.
  • When will I know who will coach my player's team?
    Team coaches are assigned in late summer prior to creating the master training schedule. Soon after the master training schedule is released and entered into the SportsEngine App, your team's coach will send out a message to the team to introduce themselves and get the season kicked off.
  • When do your seasons begin and end?
    Fall season Our fall season starts training on the third or fourth week of August, and our league matches start on the first or second weekend of September. The fall season end on the first weekend of November. Winter training Our indoor winter training season typically starts about the second or third week of January and ends the week prior to spring break, which is often the second week of March. Spring Season Our spring season starts outdoor training the first week of April, and our league matches start the second weekend of April. the spring season ends the first weekend of June.
  • What are your player fees?
    Our program costs range from $700 - $1300. Our budget and fees adjust each year and the official program fees for each phase will be provided at tryouts. When first registering within 48 hours of receiving a roster offer following tryouts, you will need to pay an initial non-refundable deposit of $200. The remaining amount of your player fee can be paid all up front at time of registration, or split into four equal payments to be paid every 30 days. A credit card must be used for payment when registering. We do not accept cash or checks.
  • Do you offer a scholarship?
    Wo do offer a scholarship. All scholarship applications should be made prior to tryouts. Anyone interested in applying should do so here:
  • What do I need when registering a player?
    If your player has received an offer to join the DKCU Academy and you are registering them for a team, you will need a few things to register. Proof of age - you will need to upload a picture taken by your phone of a birth certificate or passport. A hospital certificate is not accepted by the league. A headshot of your player - this must be a close-up shot from shoulders and above without a hat You will need to link a credit card to your account for payment
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